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Rakuten's Play.com: Attribution

Location: Cambridge, UK

URL: www.play.com

Industry: Retail

DC Storm Technology: Storm Attribution

Results: Revenue from paid channels grows more quickly than spend over 12 months

Rakuten's Play.com drive incremental sales using DC Storm Attribution

DC Storm analysed every transaction across the Play.com website identifying each tracked marketing touchpoint (visit, click and impression) customers had with Rakuten’s Play.com to develop an attribution model that reflects actual user behaviour.

This model is now being applied to every transaction on the Play.com website, enabling it to better allocate marketing spend across and within channels, thereby driving incremental sales and increasing marketing ROI.

The new attribution model:

  • Reflects actual user behaviour
  • Takes into account multiple variables that influence propensity to buy
  • Has resulted in Rakuten's Play.com significantly shifted budgets between channels
  • As a result sales on its marketplace have substantially increased over the past 12 months

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Home/ Resources/ Case Studies/ Rakuten's Play.com: Attribution