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hoppa: Affiliate Payments

Location: London, UK

URL: www.hoppa.com

Industry: Travel

Rakuten Attribution Technology: Storm Attribution

Results: 200% increase in affiliate sales

Rakuten Attribution Deliver an Affiliate Commercial Model that could super-charge performance marketing

Rakuten Attribution has used its ‘path to conversion’ and attribution expertise to deliver a ground breaking but practical affiliate payment model for thoppa that means affiliates can now be paid on the basis of their true contribution to sales.

The great news is that the approach aligns the interest of merchants and affiliates and encourages both parties to grow their businesses together.

Hoppa's new payment model:

  • Pays affiliates for their true contribution to every sale, directly aligning hoppa's interests with their affiliates'
  • Has seen revenue for all parties grow significantly
  • Has increased Affiliate sales by over 200%
  • Has seen an overall reduction in affiliate commission payments of 27% compared to a 'last click wins' payment model

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Home/ Resources/ Case Studies/ hoppa: Affiliate Payments