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Alltheshoes.co.uk: Optimiser

Location: Cambridge, UK

URL: www.alltheshoes.co.uk

Industry: Retail

DC Storm Technology: Storm Optimiser, Storm Data Integration

Results: 83% increase in ROI

Alltheshoes.co.uk achieves an 83% Increase in ROI by Dynamically Updating PPC Ads using DC Storm

By utilising Storm Data Integration Alltheshoes.co.uk, the UK's largest footwear price comparison site, was able to automatically populate Google PPC ad copy with the cheapest price available for each of its products.

Alltheshoes.co.uk is receives exclusive discount codes from its merchants, which are very effective at attracting customers.

By using Storm Data Integration, Alltheshoes.co.uk:

  • Completely automated the process, saving valuable time
  • Increase CTR by 74& and ROI by 83 %
  • Brought an uplift in conversion rate of 114%

DC Storm’s innovative technology has allowed us to take a task that was otherwise cumbersome and non-scalable and incorporate it seamlessly into the core of the business. For such minimal effort the rewards are immense.

Andy Backhouse

Managing Director


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Home/ Resources/ Case Studies/ Alltheshoes.co.uk: Optimiser