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Attribution Centre Stage at MeasureFest

Analytics, big data, business intelligence and CRO. This is what MeasureFest is all about, and this year the digital marketing conference, held in Brighton’s iconic corn exchange, was bigger and better than ever.

Featuring a series of seminars from leading brands, Rakuten Marketing's Lewis Lenssen took to the stage to round-off the morning session on attribution, discussing the measurement challenges facing marketers, with a key focus on finding the truth behind the data and not relying on assumptions. 

One of the biggest impressions left on the audience appeared to be Lewis’s explanation of a key challenge for marketers who often ask themselves the wrong question. He said: “Does it work? Is the wrong question. It’s does it work in relation to what you want it to actually do.”

"Does it work - is the wrong question". Not everything exists to generate a direct sale. #MeasureFest @RakutenMKTG_UK

— Hannah Gordon-Smith (@HanGordonSmith) November 25, 2015

Lewis also gave insights on how to break up correlation and causation, specifically when looking at display advertising, and the importance of continous testing to ensure your ad spend is not being wasted. 

Other sessions included testing and measurement, which provided insights on how data-led marketers can use a myriad of tools to make measuring their on-site data more manageable. ou can view Lewis’s deck on Measuring the Marmite Media here

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If you were at the event yesterday and still want to know more about attribution, you can absorb the subject at your leisure with our elearning booklets or take a look at our webinar archive.

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