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Actionable Insight Workshop

Driving Value with Attribution

this event has now ended, check back soon for the next one!

Most marketers understand attribution, but many are still unsure about the true value it can drive for their business. 

Attribution, and the underlying omnichannel user journey data, can deliver incredibly granular consumer insight – all the ads they have seen, all the products they have looked at in your website, all the searches they have made and more.

In this workshop, experts from Rakuten Attribution will use real data to illustrate the practical benefits of attribution and the short, medium and long-term value it can power for your business. We’ll then hold a roundtable discussion so attendees can discuss their challenges and how data can be used to solve them.

We’ll take a look at the can drive in channels including:

  • Product focused attribution
  • Enhancing customer segmentation
  • Feeding attributed data to third party optimisation tools

The roundtable applied Chatham House Rules to ensure everyone could speak freely and in confidence. The session was followed by drinks and networking.

Past Events

See what some of the past attendees had to say about our events:

"A good informed forum to discuss innovations and issues"

Mark Blenkinsop, Digital Marketing Manager at Dune

"Really great event that has aided the understanding of exactly what is required to drive a business forward."

Matt Roberts, Optimisation Manager at GiffGaff

"Confirmation that Rakuten Attribution are, once again, defining the solutions to digital's biggest challenges"

Duncan Popham, Managing Director at Total Search Solutions


James Collins - Managing Director, Rakuten Attribution

As Managing Director of Rakuten Attribution, James is responsible for ensuring the business continues to grow, as well as aligning with the Rakuten Marketing brand. He previously built and lead the client services team, focusing on delivering actionable insights from advertisers' marketing data and helping them use these findings to make more effective and efficient marketing decisions.



Lewis Lenssen - SVP of Strategic Initiatives, Rakuten Marketing

As Rakuten Marketing's SVP of Strategic Initiatives, Lewis has global responsibility for developing new product and service propositions. He joined DC Storm as Commercial Director in 2010 and masterminded the company’s growth strategy, until its purchase by Rakuten Marketing in 2014. He was instrumental in refocusing the company on direct customer relationships and marketing measurement.


Home/ News & Events/ Actionable Insight Events/ Actionable Insight Workshop: Driving Value with Attribution