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Online and Offline Combined

Featuring guest speaker James Libor, who oversees Marketing Planning & Efficiency at Virgin Holidays, this afternoon seminar used real life case studies from our clients to demonstrate the importance of an omnichannel approach to marketing, and how it can be used to power better decisions.

The divide between online and offline marketing is smaller than ever, and although the practicality of making the join has been questioned in the past we showed that the technology exists today for you to make it happen. Attendees discovered:

  • The steps needed to join user journeys
  • The learnings and customer insight it delivers
  • Turning those insights into effective actions

Guest speaker James Libor discussed how Virgin Holidays were able to make the join and now have a better understanding of their customers than ever before.

The event took place at Wallacespace, Covent Garden, from 14:30 - 18:00 on 5th March. The seminar was followed by drinks and nibbles, providing the perfect chance to network with fellow attendees and the Rakuten Attribution team.

Past Events

See what some of the past attendees had to say about previous Actionable Insight events:

“The Actionable Insight seminar was great food for thought with a fresh and logical approach from people who truly understand retail challenges; an inspirational event with data leading to action at its core. The team has gained invaluable ideas to keep House of Fraser at the forefront of digital marketing.” 

Maria Larina, Search Manager at House of Fraser

"Really great event that has aided the understanding of exactly what is required to drive a business forward."

Matt Roberts, Optimisation Manager at GiffGaff

"Confirmation that Rakuten Attribution are, once again, defining the solutions to digital's biggest challenges"

Duncan Popham, Managing Director at Total Search Solutions


James Libor - Senior Marketing Planning & Efficiency, Virgin Holidays

James works at the cutting edge of digital marketing, responsible for utilising the latest advances in technology to increase Virgin Holiday's marketing efficiency and profitability. He has overseen the company's attribution modelling, demand forecasting and econometric modelling projects and used the insights to ensure the company meet, and exceed, their booking targets. 


James Collins - SVP | Managing Director, Rakuten Attribution

James has spent his whole career in the IT industry and has held senior project management and consulting roles. As well as a sound understanding of technology, he has strong people management and change management skills that enable Rakuten Attribution to deliver excellent and scalable support services.


Lewis Lenssen - Commercial Director, Rakuten Attribution

As DC Storm’s Commercial Director, Lewis has helped to mastermind the company’s growth strategy with his extensive experience in digital marketing delivery, measurement and valuation.  Prior to joining DC Storm, Lewis founded and built a search specialist travel advertising agency before turning his attention to helping a range of leading travel clients.


Home/ News & Events/ Actionable Insight Events/ Actionable Insight: Online and Offline Combined