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We provide a sophisticated tracking solution that can be tailored and tuned to capture the usage and events that matter to your business. The channels that can be tracked are website, mobile website, mobile apps and online display advertising.

Implementing the code in websites, ad campaigns and apps is straight forward and the same regardless of the detailed requirements. However, the online configuration application allows you to configure a bespoke solution.

For more info on tracking all online, mobile, display and mobile apps Get in Touch.

Website Tracking

Our Tracking goes beyond standard pageview and action website tracking. The unique configuration interface allows modification of the data being collected without the need for any changes to the implementation in the website. Additional tracking attributes can be setup at any time using Trackings web based interface.

Tracking is hosted in a highly redundant and scalable technical architecture that ensures uninterrupted collection of the valuable data.

Mobile App Tracking         

Tracking includes toolkit tracking libraries for the popular App development environments (iOS, Android and Windows Mobile). The toolkits enable tracking to be straight forwardly added to Apps so that data on usage and key actions is collected.

Online Display Tracking

Tracking supports tracking of online display impressions and clicks. It allows online display interactions to be added into user paths to conversion and to be included in attribution analysis and modelling. Display tracking allows you to answer one of the eternal online marketing dilemmas; does display work for me?

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