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Tag Manager

Our Tag Manager is an enterprise Tag Management technology that that can be configured and tuned to deliver against complex, corporate tag management requirements. It includes advanced features and functionality and supports sophisticated tag management, data collection, de-duplication and page load optimisation. Our Data Layer is a unique part of the module and enables a data layer to be built without the need for CMS access.

Tag Manager is available as a standalone product or as part of a Measured Success platform. There are flexible service options that cover configuration, support and maintenance as well as a complete outsourced tag management service. All of the service options can be tailored and tuned to fit with customer objectives, requirements and operational processes.

Data Layer

Data Layer is a unique tool that enables a secure data layer to be built and maintained without accessing the CMS or detailed knowledge of the website architecture. The graphical user interface allows users to pick variables from web pages and map them into a preconfigured, ‘best practice’ data layer. Having a well designed and documented data layer ensures consistent tracking data collection and simplifies the tag implementation process.

Tag Firing Logic

Tag Manager is more than just a tag repository – it includes functionality for controlling when tags are fired and data that is passed to them. The firing logic and data interfaces can be based on variables defined in the data layer or specifically defined in the tag definition.


As well as facilitating advanced tag management, Tag Manager can be extended to deliver completely custom requirements. The most common custom requirements are around the serving of Javascript.

Test and Release Workflow

Tag Manager categorises all tags based on their stage in the development process (in development, in test and in production). The interface makes it quick and easy to change the status for individual tags and there is a complete audit trail so you can track any changes.


Effective tag management requires good technology but also the right skills and understanding. These are not complex or difficult to learn but training and support will shortcut the process.

Rakuten Attribution offers a range of options for service and support. At one end of the scale is supported self-service. At the other end is a bespoke, fully managed service that allows clients to focus on their requirements and utilise Rakuten Attribution to build, test and implement tags, within a tailored service level agreement.

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