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Optimiser is a rules based PPC optimisation framework that allows marketers to implement and refine PPC strategies that are highly tailored for their business. Rakuten Attribution’s approach enables the development of bespoke, transparent strategies that deliver Measured Success™.

Every combination of sector, product, website and pricing model creates the need for a unique optimisation strategy. It is very different from the ‘black box’ solutions that promise so much but which rarely deliver.

Automated optimisation

Bid changes can be reviewed before they are implemented or fully automated once they are tested and proven. The process efficiencies allow marketers to focus on developing and testing refinements rather than on the repetitive task of manual strategy implementation, so time can be better spent on making key tactical decisions and strategy improvements.

Supported Engines:

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Import Data

Ensure accurate revenue figures by importing cancellations and 3rd party application data. Automatically pause ads for items that are low in stock. Schedule ad copy changes and dynamically update price information within ads

Home/ Approach & Technology/ Storm Platform/ Storm Optimiser