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Measurement Hub

The Measurement Hub is a database that consolidates data across all marketing touch points, campaign events, user tracking events and customer events (CRM data).

The database accepts tracking data from either Storm Tracking (including display tracking) or any 3rd party tracking solution (e.g. DFA or Tagman). Additional touchpoints are then integrated and joined together using a Universal User to uncover the complete user journey across marketing and sales channels and devices.

The Measurement Hub is the centre of your digital marketing big data world, a trusted friend that powers your Measured Success™.

Measurement Hub Highlights

  • Consolidated view of your customers across all market and sales channels containing all sales, revenue and marketing spend.

  • A consistent and accessible data resource that powers intra and inter channel budgeting.

  • The Universal User enables users to be joined up across devices and channels and user journeys created where previously data was only accessible in silos.

  • All Storm Platform clients utilise the Measurement Hub as soon as either Tracking is switched on (via Tag Manager) or 3rd party tracking data has been imported and integrated.

  • Over time, enrichment of the user journey by integrating additional channels and touchpoints.

  • Dynamic attribution models are implemented to power automated omnichannel attribution.

  • Measurement Hub enables full path to conversion analysis of all converting and non-converting journeys. This powers robust channel valuation and decision making which is the core of Measured Success™.

  • Data security model enables access to subsets of data to be granted to specific user groups, e.g. restrict access to PPC data to the PPC agency.

  • Data can be accessed via Reporting or integrated with Optimiser or any 3rd party optimisation technologies like Acquisio or Marin.

Universal User

The Universal User is a mega User ID that is assigned to user based data (tracking data, email send data, CRM data etc) that enables Measurement Hub to join disparate datasets together and form a coherent user journey across multiple channels and devices.

This allows the Storm platform to tie any event or sale – whether they are standard events tracked by Tracking or imported touchpoints from other sources .


If you send out emails or catalogues to registered users, the user ID or other identifier can be sent up in the touchpoint import as a cross-reference.  If the user ever logs into the website on any device, then we have the mechanism in place to collect this same user ID and relate all of this activity together under one universal user.

Or if you simply have a registered user login on your website, then sending us the user ID would enable us to link all traffic for that user across any of their devices – home PC, work PC, Mobile or Tablet.

Multiple User references

Universal Users are not limited to a single cross-reference. Any user can have many cross-references, and any cross-reference can have many users. All are resolved together to give a consolidated view of all activity.

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