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The Storm Platform is easy to use with an intuitive user interface which includes a comprehensive knowledge base stacked with information essential for the novice to the expert.

However, it is good to know that Rakuten Attribution offer a range of additional training solutions that enable users of all skill levels to maximise their value from the Storm Platform.

Rakuten Attribution's training options include:

  • Storm Professional – online video based training and accreditation.
  • Face to face training courses
  • Tailored online seminars
  • Knowledge base – comprehensive wiki help desk

Storm Professional

Our flexible and convenient online training, education and accreditation programme is the essential partner to the Storm Platform.

With a more complete understanding of the array of opportunities within the Storm Platform users can achieve better results and help their business deliver Measured Success™.

Enjoy learning, when it suits you

Using short, simple video tutorials and multiple choice assessments, Storm Professional is fast, enjoyable and is designed so users can learn at their own pace.

About Storm Professional:

  • Web based learning allows users to learn at their convenience.
  • Short video tutorials of around 5 minutes teach the concepts quickly
  • Multiple choice assessments
  • 6 core courses explain the fundamental concepts
  • 6 specialist courses take users to the next step
  • Quarterly updates cover new features

Benefits of the training:

  • Provides the skills and confidence to get the most out of the Storm Platform
  • Continually updated so users can always benefit from the new features
  • Annual assessments ensure users' skills are always up to date

Benefits of being accredited:

  • Demonstrate ability and expertise
  • Recognisable accreditation for the individual and the organisation
  • Organisations with 2 or more accredited members of staff become Storm certified


Home/ Approach & Technology/ Services/ Training