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Rakuten Attribution provides a technology solution which exactly matches the specific requirements of every one of our clients. Configuring the platform can be very quick with very little customisation but usually there are specific views or integrations that are required to meet unique requirements.

The On-boarding process kicks this process off ensuring that Measured Success™ is achieved as quickly as possible.


Roadmap to Success

Early in the engagement the Client Manager will work with you to agree the “Roadmap to Success”.

The Roadmap to Success lays out your key objectives over the next 6-12 months and ensures that the Storm Platform and Rakuten Attribution Services are aligned to support the your goals. This usually means a project plan with well-defined milestones to achieve Measured Success™.

Getting Started

The on-boarding process is very well defined, after all Rakuten Attribution have integrated over 1000 advertisers across all verticals.

A bespoke on-boarding programme is agreed with the Sales Consultant, the dedicated Client Manager and the client to cover:

  • Agree Roadmap to Success
  • Initial Tracking configuration
  • Tag management requirements
  • Tracking validation - making sure the tracking is set up correctly and that we're getting excellent quality data
  • Initial report requirements and build
  • Data integrations
  • 3rd party system integration
  • Training schedule

The objective is to get up and running as quickly as possible with validated high quality data as the prime focus.

Home/ Approach & Technology/ Services/ Onboarding