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Wir sind auf zahlreichen Veranstaltungen zum Thema Digital-Marketing vertreten. Um herauszufinden, wo Sie uns als nächstes treffen können, haben wir eine Liste für Sie zusammengestellt.

Um mehr über diese Veranstaltungen und die Teilnahmemöglichkeiten zu erfahren, sprechen Sie uns an.


September 2015

dmexco in Köln

Rakuten Marketing dmexco logo

Rakuten Attribution präsentiert sich zusammen mit Rakuten Marketing auch 2015 wieder mit einem eigenen Stand (Halle 6, Stand F048) auf der dmexco. Sprechen Sie mit uns über Ihre Herausforderungen im Multichannel-Marketing und mit der Conversion Attribution.

Mehr darüber lesen...



September 2014

dmexco in Köln

Rakuten Marketing dmexco logo

Auch 2014 sind wir als Aussteller auf der dmexco vertreten. Diesmal als Rakuten Marketing mit einer geballten Kraft von Produkten und Dienstleistungen rund um das digitale Performance-Marketing.

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May 2014

Actionable Insight: Measuring the Unmeasurable

‘Measuring the Unmeasurable’ will give practical advice on how to accurately value hard to reach channels and incorporate them into the user journey for accurate measurement and attribution.

The event takes place at wallacespace, Covent Garden, between 14:30 and 17:00 on Thursday 22nd May. Food and drinks will be provided following the seminar, offering the perfect opportunity to network with other attendees and the DC Storm team.

See the full details here


April 2014

Digital Doughnut Presents - The Customer Journey

Lewis Lenssen will be discussing the ‘Modern Shopper’ at the Digital Donuts meet-up at Zigfrid Von Underbelly, 11 Hoxton Square on the 29th April.

In his presentation Lewis will take a look at how shopping behaviour has changed and demonstrate why attribution is the key to taming the modern shopper.

Registration is free, so to book your place at the event please click here.


Rakuten Marketing Symposium

CEO Seth Richardson will be providing the keynote speech at this year’s Rakuten Marketing Symposium.

His talk, ‘Using Attribution to Tackle the Challenge of the Modern Shopper’, will look at how path to conversion and attribution analysis can be used by Marketers to understand ‘modern shoppers’, and to maximise the business opportunities they create.

You can find full details of the event here.


März 2014

Econsultancy Digital Cream

Econsultancy logo

DC Storm will be running the attribution roundtable at Econsultancy’s Digital Cream on March 26th.

The roundtable format allows you to discuss subjects most relevant to you and find out from your peers how they are addressing similar challenges and opportunities you are also facing.

This event is now sold out however, you can still add your name to the waiting list here should spaces become available.


Adido Do Digital Better


Lewis Lenssen, DC Storm’s Marketing Director will be speaking at this year’s Adido Do Digital Better in partnership with Bournemouth University.

His talk ‘Joining the Dots: Making sense of successful multi-device marketing campaigns’ will demonstrate the importance of s single customer view for accurate attribution, and how to use the data to take action.

The seminar will take place on March 13th at Bournemouth University’s Executive Business Centre.

To register for a free place at the event, click here.


Actionable Insight

On March 12th, we will be hosting Actionable Insight: The Challenge of the Modern Shopper at wallacespace, Covent Garden.

The afternoon seminar will focus onbreaking down data silos and joining up the complex user journeys taken by the Modern Shopper.

For more information and to request your place, please click here.


Februar 2014

Technology for Marketing and Advertising

TFM&A Technology for marketing & advertising

Lewis Lenssen will be presenting ‘Joining the Dots: Making sense of successful multi-device advertising campaigns’ at 14:00 on 26th of Februrary in the Online Advertising and Affiliate Marketing Theatre.

To attend the event and join us on the day, register for free on the TfM&A site


November 2013

Travolution Summit

DC Storm will be presenting at this year’s Travolution Summit in London, on 18th November.

The talk will demonstrate how airport transfer specialists Resorthoppa  supercharged their performance marketing by aligning affiliate commission with their real contribution to a sale.

For more information and to register please click here.


OMX Austria

Lewis Lenssen, DC Storm’s Marketing Director, will be talking at OMX Austria on 21st November.

The presentation will explore how to better understand the value of your marketing channels, with insights from DC Storm's statistical attribution project with Rakuten’s Play.com.

For more information about the event, click here.


Oktober 2013

Performance Marketing Insights

DC Storm will be speaking at Performance Marketing Insights on Friday 30th October.

The presentation ‘Supercharging Attribution: Rewarding Affiliates for their Real Contribution’ takes place in the BT Live Theatre at 11.30.

For more event information about the event, click here


Econsultancy JUMP

DC Storm will be hosting an advice clinic at Econsultancy’s prestigious JUMP event on 9th October, as part of their Digital Marketing Festival.

Our clinic will be called ‘Joining the Dots: Multi-device Measurement and Attribution’ and will deliver one-on-one practical advice on how to join user journeys across devices and use the data to take action.

For full details and to register for the event please click here.


September 2013

Creative, Digital & IT Open Studios

DC Storm will be taking part in ‘Creative, Digital & IT Open Studios’ as part of Brighton Digital Festival, on the 26th and 27th September.

We would like to give ambitious graduates the opportunity to come to our offices, have a look around learn more about DC Storm, what we do and how we fit into the digital marketing mix.

For details of the event and to register click here.


Actionable Insight: Multi Device Retail

On the 19th September DC Storm will be hosting Actionable Insight: Multi-Device Retail at the wallacespace, 2 Dryden Street, London.

Join us, and guest speaker Damien Clothier, Head of Online Marketing at House of Fraser to hear insights on the latest trends and techniques for multi-device measurement and its uses with real case studies from our clients.

For more information about the event and to request your place, please click here.


Juli 2013

Actionable Insight: Multi-Channel Retail

On the 17th July, DC Storm will hosted Actionable Insight: Multi-Channel Retail at the Radisson Blu Edwardian, Covent Garden.

The afternoon seminar discussed industry trends, case studies and how to convert the wealth of data avaliable to marketers into actionable insights. The event will featured guest speaker Chris Howard, Head of Online Marketing at Rakuten's Play.com who discussed their multi-award nominated attribution project with DC Storm.

For more information on our Actionable Insight events please click here.


Juni 2013

Figaro Digital Search Seminar

At Figaro Digital's Search Seminar Lewis discussed best practise measurement, and how it essential to measure the perfomance of search channels in the conext of the complete multi-channel marketing mix. 

You can watch a video of the talk on Figaro Digital's site.


April 2013

Actionable Insight: Internet Retail

This seminar focused on the specific challenges that online retailers face, looking at how new ways of gathering, interpreting and using data can unlock business insights, empower better decisions and drive you to deliver results.

The session featured guest speaker Tom Nabielec, CEO and Founder of search engine marketing specialists Perfect Storm Media, who covered Practical Longtail - how to get value from your longtail keywords. 

For full details and to sign up for our next Acitonable Insight event please click here


The Big Data Show

Big Data 23-25 April 2013 - Earls Court, London

On April 25th Lewis Lenssen spoke at the Big Data Show at Earls Court. where he presented ‘You Can't Manage What You Can't Measure’.

You can now view the full presentation from the event on the Internet World's video site, all you have to do is sign up and look for the talk in the ‘Seminars’ section.


März 2013

Econsultancy Digital Cream

On the 20th, DC Storm hosted the attribution roundtable at Econsultancy’s Digital Cream London.  For more information please click here.


Thinkworks: Top tips for Global Online Marketing Success

On the 18th March Harriett Hayden, Head of Business Operations (North America), spoke at Latitude's breakfast seminar- ‘Thinkworks: Top tips for global online marketing success’ at the Media One Hotel in Dubai.

Presenting alongside senior representatives from Google and Latitude, Harriett presented "You Can't Manage What You Can't Measure: discover how best practice measurement will support high performance digital marketing".

Click here for full details of the event 


Actionable Insight: Tag Management

Actionable Insight: Tag Management focused on the challenges and opportunities that site tagging presents and how technology can be used to take advantage of them, the presentation included case studies from some of our clients.

For full details and to sign up for our next Acitonable Insight event please click here


Februar 2013


Technology for Marketing & Advertising - 26/27 February 2013, Earls Court 2, London UK

Harriett Hayden presented 'You can't manage what you can't measure' on the first day of TFM&A at 14:00 in the Online Advertising & Affiliate Marketing Theatre.

You can watch Harriett's full presentation on the TfM&A site. To access the video register here, select 'Seminars' and and locate the relevant theatre.

You can also download the presentation slides by clicking here.  


Januar 2013

Econsultancy Jump New York

Leading on from our attribution clinic in London we hosted the attribution clinic in the big apple. 

For more information please visit the JUMP site.


Web Analytics Wednesday

Web Analytics Demystified

Our Commercial Director, Lewis Lenssen discussed Tag Management on the panel of Web Analytics Wednesday on January 8th.

For information about the event  click here.


Oktober 2012

Econsultancy JUMP

We will be hosting an attribution clinic at the 2012 Econsultancy JUMP, which is focused on joining online and offline marketing to achieve better results.

You can find full details of the event on the JUMP site.


September 2012

DC Storm Open Studios


DC Storm shall be opening their offices up for Open studios week, part of Brighton Digital Festival. We would like to give ambitious graduates the chance to come and visit our offices, have a look around and learn more about DC Storm and where we fit in the digital marketing mix.

If you would like to attend this event, then please register here.


Actionable Insight: Travel

We will be holiding our first Actionable Insight: Travel event, aimed at senior travel marketers, on 11th September. For more information and to request your invite to the event please get in touch



Tom Lewis, DC Storm's Head of Professional Services, will be speaking during the lightning sessions at the hugely popular BrightonSEO on 14th September and we will also be hosting an attribution roundtable. Visit the BrightonSEO site for ticket information.


Strategy Insights' Marketing Directors' Strategy Meeting

On 4th September we will be attending the Marketing Directors' Strategy Meeting to discuss our products and services with many exciting brands.


Juli 2012

Actionable Insight: Fashion Retail

The second Actionable Insight Event will be held in London's iconic Tower Bridge and will again turn its attention to fashion retail. For full information on the event and to request an invite please visit www.actionable-insight.com.


Digital Marketing Conference: 21s Session

Figaro Digital Home

Lewis spoke as part of Figaro Digital's 21s sessions at their Digital Marketing Conference on July 12th, with '21 things to do with path to conversion and attribution data'

You can watch a video of Lewis' presentation here


Juni 2012

A4U Expo Europe

Lewis Lessen will be talking on the panel, 'Customer Journey Commissioning: Curse or Cure?' at 12:00 on day 2 of the 2012 A4U Expo in Barcelona. 

The panel will be discussing the customer journey and attribution in the context of affiliate payments. You can register for tickets to the event here


Mai 2012

Actionable Insight: Fashion Retail

Actionable Insight is a new invitation-only digital marketing event that is all about taking actions based on data driven insights.

Read the full details of the event here.


März 2012

Econsultancy Digital Cream

DC Storm hosted the 'Attribution Management' roundtable at Econsultancy's Digital Cream London on 15th March, where we were joined by some great brands to discuss their experiences and challenges that they were facing surrounding attribution.

Our CEO, Seth Richardson, wrote a blog about the common issues that arose throughtout the day. You can read it here


PerformanceIN Travel & Leisure

DC Storm's Commercial Director, Lewis Lenssen, sat on the 'Effective Data Distribution and Comsumption' panel at A4U's first PerformanceIN Travel &  Leisure on 13th March. The panel kicked off with a presentation by Lewis.

PerformanceIN Travel & Leisure is a fresh, one day performance marketing conference, focusing exclusively on the Travel & Leisure verticals.


Februar 2012

Technology for Marketing and Advertising

Lewis Lenssen delivered a talk at TFM&A on Attribution and how to accurately value your online channels. The event was held on 28th February in London's Earls Court.

We have made the presentation available to download here, due to popular demand. 


November 2011

Digital Leader’s Conference

Lewis Lenssen presented ‘To Attribution and Beyond’ at ECMOD’s Direct Commerce Show 2011. The talk defined what attribution is, the best approach to developing a model and where it will take businesses in the future.

For more information on the event visit www.ecmod360.co.uk.


Oktober 2011

A4U Attribution Clinic

DC Storm ran a performance marketing health clinic on attribution at the A4U Expo in London on 18th-19th October.

Our clinic concentrated on why attribution is useful and how it can be applied to your business.

If you would like more information on the content of clinic then please get in touch.


Econsultancy JUMP

We hosted the ‘Developing your Attribution Model’ clinic at the 2011 Econsultancy JUMP, which is focused on joining online and offline marketing to achieve better results.

You can find full details of the event and look out for details of next year's event on the JUMP site.


September 2011

Digital Open Studios

DC Storm opened it's doors to ambitious graduates for two days over the week of Digital Open Studios!

On the 15th and 16th of September we invited people to come and have a look around our offices and learn more about DC Storm.

If you want to see our office then have a look at our flickr page or get in touch!


Brighton Digital Marketing Festival

Brighton Digital Marketing Festival, hosted by Pure360, will be taking place on 8th September as part of the month-long Brighton Digital Festival.

Attendees will take part in a day of interactive learning from some of the greatest minds in digital marketing.

Lewis Lenssen will be giving a keynote speech on Attribution and DC Storm will also be hosting the after party. To book your place please visit the BDMF site.


Juli 2011

NMA Live

On July 8th we hosted NMA Live Attribution at the Radisson Edwardian Bloomsbury Street Hotel. The event featured an introduction from Lewis Lenssen dispelling the common misconceptions and highlighting the benefits of effective attribution, as well as 3 practical examples on how to implement multi-attribution and get results.


A4U Performance In Fashion and Beauty

On 6th July Lewis Lenssen spoke at the A4U Performance In Fashion & Beauty alongside other big players in online fashion marketing. You can find full details of the event here.


Juni 2011

A4U Munich Expo

Seth Richardson, CEO of DC Storm, and Jens Maurer, CEO of DC Storm Germany, presented at the popular event in Munich. Their talk was titled 'So You've Invested in Attribution, But Do You Really Know How You Can Use It To Power Your Digital Marketing?'

If you want the slides from the talk or to fin out more about attirbution just get in touch at info@dc-storm.com.


Mai 2011

A4U Awards

We attended the A4U Awards on 17th May and were delighted to be Highly Commended in the 'Best 3rd Party Affiliate Application' Category.


März 2011

Internet Retailing Exhibition 2011

We exhibited at the first Internet Retailing Exhibition from 23rd-24th March.


Februar 2011

Marketing Lounge Launch Party

We attended the launch party of  the Marketing Lounge's new website - themarketinglounge.org - the UK’s most comprehensive, free online marketing resource.

We are very pleased to be contributing to the site which will be written by marketers, for marketers, over the entire range of channels.


Econsultancy Awards Dinner


We attended the 2011Econsultancy Awards Dinner to see all the winners, and were delighted to accept our highly commended award for Innovation in Paid Search/PPC.


Januar 2011

Digital Ski

Our CEO, Seth, and Operations Director, James, attended the annual event in St Anton, Austria.

Digital Ski is organised by Econsultancy and is the online marketing industry's top not for profit social/networking event.

They had a brilliant time and managed to get back in one piece!


November 2010

Bigmouth Media Travel Summit

Our very own Commercial Director Lewis Lenssen spoke at the Bigmouthmedia Travel Summit on the importance of Sale Attributionin the Travel industry.

You can see more about the event and read the final report here.


Oktober 2010

a4u expo

As per usual 2010 was a great event, with lots of interesting ideas and opinions being shared, as well as some fantastic seminars. In particular, there was a lot of talk about the importance of sales attribution.

You can check out our analysis of the role affiliates play in the online customer journey here.


Juni 2010

A4U Awards

DC Storm attended the A4U Awards on the 9th June 2010 at Grosvenor House Hotel, London. We were proud to sponsor the award “Best Paid Search Partnership”, congratulations to Artemis8 and Premier Inn for their win.

We are extremely pleased to announce that Storm for Affiliates won “Best 3rd Party Affiliate Application” at the A4U Awards 2010.


Oktober 2009


DC Storm exhibited our latest technology offering, Storm for Affiliates, at the A4U expo in London. Seth Richardson presented a statistical data study relating to affiliate contribution to sales and outlined the benefits of Storm For Affiliates.


Mai 2009

IMRG Search Workshop

Seth Richardson gave a presentation on search technology and StormOptimiser. He also outlined the importance of Sale Attribution and Equity Share within Search.


März 2009

Econsultancy Supplier Showcase (Search)

DC Storm were invited to present our PPC optimisation tool StormOptimiser at this event. Seth Richardson talked about the hurdles that PPC practitioners had to overcome in reviewing technology and explained the fundamental operation of StormOptimiser.


Februar 2009

Econsultancy Supplier Showcase (Web Analytics)

Econsultancy held one of their popular Supplier Showcase sessions during which DC Storm presented our latest release of StormAnalytics.

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