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Marketing-Einblicke mit Rakuten DC Storm als Infografik

Marketing Insights with Rakuten DC StormWe are often asked: " Can XYZ? " or " What can you do? " or " Can you help us with ABC? "

Therefore, we now have some of the typical marketing insights, we offer our customers through our tracking tool , our hub Measurement and analysis of our services (such as the attribution modeling can provide), compiled in an infographic.

The infographic shows with examples of questions that you can get an insight into your marketing performance. For this purpose, we highlight the areas of general analyzes, as well as special needs of shop providers and the travel industry.

Here are some of the questions:

  • Which marketing campaigns really work?
  • What to bring my display campaigns?
  • What touchpoints have actually affect purchases?
  • Returns retargeting me a benefit?

Only with the answers to these questions is a successful and optimized online marketing possible. Get an edge over their competitors by getting the right tools and the right service to thoroughly analyze your data.

Download Infographic

You are welcome to download, print and distribute the infographic. You can download the high-resolution graphics in PNG via the following link:

Infografik Download (PNG-Format)


Us contact you if you want to get Storm Tracking answers to these and similar questions.


Preview Infographic

Infographic Preview marketing insights with Rakuten DC Storm

Article by Jonjo Hancock Fell


As Marketing Manager at Rakuten Attribution, Jonjo is responsible for planning and executing marketing strategies in line with company objectives, copywriting, project managing all events, including our own 'Actionable Insight' seminar series. Jonjo is an experienced marketing professional with a detailed understanding across a variety of marketing channels, both on and offline.

Get in touch today to find out how Rakuten Attribution (formerly DC Storm) can make your marketing more effective.

You can read more posts by Jonjo on our blog and by following him on Linkedin.

Home/ News & Events/ News/ Marketing-Einblicke mit Rakuten DC Storm als Infografik