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DC Storm Deutschland mit neuer, moderner Website

Finally it's done! After months of work by the way and in the background we are proud to be the German-speaking DC Storm website finally able to present the new design to the public.

We will replace the previous and somewhat outdated website that has accompanied us since 2009.

One or the other will not happen so new website. Our English colleagues use the new site for almost a year now. But anyone who has ever seen a site relaunch performed with a small team with all sorts of technical and SEO related aspects will know that this is not done times in a few hours. Previous contents have assigned new content to be translated or rewritten and transferred to the new system. The internal links need to be reconsidered and adjusted and all the old content and URLs are useful redirected to a new URL. In addition there are major and minor unplanned problems hampering a while migrating the work "something".

The new website is - how do we find - much friendlier layout and is broken appealing to the eye. It is strictly inspired by our motto " Measurable Success (Measured Success) ". The product - and service portfolio is transparent and sub-points such as day management , multi-channel tracking or attribution models can be easily reached via the Mega Menu. In the area of successes you can under Case Studies directly read and find out how we work with customers and what we can do for them. Maybe we can convince you?

We are aware that a website is never finished. There are at one point or another safe to do anything else, we need to address in the aftermath. If you notice any, please let us know . We look forward to the feedback.

Here are the previous and new site in direct comparison:

New website on dc-storm.com/de/ since May 2014:

Screenshot new German website

Previous site on dc-storm.de since 2009:

Previous site until April 2014

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